sky rocket your business to the next level

with my mentorship & accountability program

Have you launched a new website, started promoting your services or new product…

and to your disappointment all you hear is “CRICKETS”.

Or, is your marketing all over the place when it comes to your business, you know you need a plan, some consistency however where do you start!


I’m Here To Help You…

Create a business and marketing strategy to achieve fast results for your business

Implement and schedule your marketing plan in 1hr per week

Learn the best social media platforms that are working for your industry in 2021 and how to use them to their full potential

Create a Hot Email List Ready to purchase your products and services

Have systems in place to capture new leads / new potential clients…..even while you sleep.

Take your business to the next level – increase your online presence / offerings and ultimately customers.


People do business with people they know, like and trust.

As of today, I am opening the doors to a second round of this program, however Spaces are limited to 5 clients.  As you can understand I want to focus my time on helping a small amount of clients to achieve amazing results in their business with one to one support.

Introducing the

A program that will…..

Increase your online presence

Create consistent marketing and sales systems / posts for your business

Drive more traffic to your website & make more sales (Help more people)

Build your email list for you while you spend more time with your family


What’s Included


One on One Personal Coaching Sessions

Done via zoom.  A weekly 1hr coaching session. (Over the 4 month period)

Business Strategy Setup & Marketing Plan


Marketing - Social media Platforms

Facebook business pages / groups / paid ads, Instagram posts / stories / reels, Pinterest, plus more.


Email automation marketing

Automations for marketing, optins, post purchase, and an ongoing nuture series.

Other marketing

Affiliation programs, word of mouth, local business alliances.


Sales processes and structure

Client Care Systems

Creating the raving fan.  90% of my business is referrals.


Referrals / Testimonials

Plan creation, implementation and tracking.



Before I was a website designer and online business mentor, I was a personal trainer / gym owner with a passion to help people improve their overall health and well-being.  And I have not lost this passion, but rather I now help other leaders / trainers / coaches / well-being advocates get online quickly so they too can help thousands of people worldwide.

I have been a small business owner for the last 17 years, and one thing I understand is how important it is to have a website, sales system and consistent marketing……. that works and generates new clients / customers for you.

You want a website that is professional, represents your business and brand, a website that markets and captures leads for you, a website that is easy to use and sell your products with an automated system, and a website that show cases your work and how you can help others.  And ultimately an up to date website that you are proud of!

And more importantly you want to be driving new traffic / leads to your website / offers / opt-ins consistently.  This is the area I see many professionals fall over on, they don’t have their marketing and sales system up and running.


Thus, why I have created this PROGRAM!
Larissa - Shine Fitness

Thanks Karine for an amazing new website, logo and branding. Karine was super helpful, knowledgeable & accommodating for all my requirements – plus she made things really simple & easy for the less tech savvy 😉 Would definitely recommend working with Karine.

Bel - Mindset Fitness

Karine has been an incredible help to my business. She has created two amazing websites for me and for the last 3 months we have been working on marketing together. Karine has helped me implement some awesome systems that have automated a lot of processes in my business saving me a lot of time each week. Karine has been an incredible help to my business and I am forever grateful for all of the help she has give me.

Caitlin - Cherry Red

Karine has been awesome! She’s built an amazing website for our fashion business, stress-free & with a perfect outcome! The business building sessions that she provides are fantastic, they have really helped our business grow & has given us some really awesome tips, tricks & ideas! They have really benefited all parts of our business. She’s always there to help with anything & is just lovely to work with!

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